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Multi-lingual steps by steps

New in 1.7.3: URL, Site name, batch

A. Search Engine Friendly URL

The Content Language prefix (Url Language Code, as set per Content Language) may not be used anymore in the url for the Site default language when SEF is on.

This means that, for example, if en-GB with the Url Language code 'en' is set as Site Default Language, the code 'en' will not be added anymore. Instead of http://multilingual-joomla-demo.cloudaccess.net/en/ , one will get http://multilingual-joomla-demo.cloudaccess.net/

To implement the feature go to
Extensions=>Plugin Manager=>Filter by System=>Edit 'System - Language Filter'

B. Custom Site Name

It is now possible to customize the Site Name depending on the Content Language displayed.
A new parameter has been created in Extensions=>Language Manager=>Content tab->Edit a Content Language->Site name slider.

The Site Name parameter is set to display or not in Global Configuration=>Site tab->SEO Settings->'Include Site Name in Page Titles'

C. Language included in batch operations

The batch processing in various Managers in back-end now includes a Set Language field.

It is possible to batch-change language for ticked items, as well as batch-copy including Language change to another Menu (in Menu Manager) or another Category. This is very convenient when creating a structure for a new Content Language.

See: http://community.joomla.org/blogs/community/1522-languages-173-improvements.html