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Multi-lingual steps by steps

• Start a site as mono-lingual and then switch to multi-lingual

It is quite easy to start a site as mono-lingual, put it online and then switch to multi-lingual later on.

  1. Install without sample data
  2. Create one Content Language. Content Languages. No need to publish it.
  3. Structure the categories according to this Content Language.
    Exemple: if the Content Language is en-GB, create a root Category to which you assign the language en-GB and follow the rules defined in Site contents structure
  4. Create in a menu a Default Home page menu item to which you assign language "All".
  5. Create a menu module to display this menu. Assign en-GB to it. Publish.
  6. Assign to en-GB ALL the menu items from all menus. Same for all modules.
  7. Do NOT publish any Langswitcher module.
  8. Do NOT activate the Language Filter plugin.

The site will ignore the language assigned and will behave as if none was implemented.

If, later on, you need to get muti-lingual, just create a new Content Language and follow the Tutorial steps. Introduction.

This means that you will need to create a new menu with a Default Home page menu item assigned to "All" and change the former Default Home menu item to en-GB.

• Start a multi-language site and then switch to mono-lingual

One can start a multi-language site and then switch to mono-lingual later on, if needed.

  1. Set the site offline.
  2. Desactivate the Language Filter plugin.
  3. Unpublish and/or delete all Langswitcher modules.
  4. Unset the Default Home pages to which one Content language were assigned.
  5. Delete the unpublished menu module containing the Default menu item to which language "All" was assigned.
  6. Define as desired a new Default Home menu item in one of the menus one wants to keep.
  7. Delete the menu which contained the former Default Home page menu item to which language "All" was assigned.
  8. Delete, if needed, unwanted menu items/categories/contents/modules.
  9. Change to fit titles and aliases.