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Multi-lingual steps by steps

Enable the 'Language Filter' system plug-in

The Language Filter system plug-in has to be enabled to activate the multi-language functionality.

It should only be enabled after making sure that the Langswitcher modules are published!

To enable it, go to the Plug-in Manager, filter by System and edit the plug-in.
There are 3 options to define in the plug-in:

1. The site language selection for new visitors.
The plugin may try to detect the Browser language settings of the new visitor and, if the Content Language is present and published, display the site in this language.
It can also be parametered to always display the site default language for a new visitor.

2. The site language display when a logged user changes its default site language.
It may automatically switch to the user's language or not, if the Content Language is present and published.

3. A new parameter in 1.7 that lets' associate menu items to which are assigned different languages.
New in 1.7 - Associated menu items

Before setting the site online (Global Configuration), check all parameters.